Shining a Light on Philly Creativity.

A Weekly "Oddcast" for Creatives.

I take Philly with me wherever I go but I’ve noticed that the city that I love is losing it’s artistic energy and drive. I want to be the cheerleader the city needs. 

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"The Philly Art scene is lacking energy and inspiration. I hope to change that."

My 25+ year career in Advertising, Graphic Design, Animation, Digital Development, STEM Curation. and Creative Direction seems like a blur now. 

I’ve quite possibly worked on hundreds or thousands of projects over this time and I barely remember any of them. 

I decided it was time for me to work on projects that meant something to me. I want to work on things that keep me up at night, that I can’t stop thinking about. 

The next phase of my life and career will be dedicated to inventing things that make the world better. 

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A magical adventure through a space built for those seeking art that permeates the soul. 

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Oddcasts will sometimes be video, audio or a combination of both curated in a new a refreshing way. 

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I’m a visual problem-solver, business designer, and creative technologist. I help companies and organizations transform their ideas into influential products and services. I have years of diverse experience. I started my career as a Flash animator but over the past 20 years, I’ve worked within the realms of online education, commercial advertising, branding design, interactive development, pharmaceutical marketing, STEM program development, graphic novel illustration, and game design.

I understand the power of data and the potential impact of emerging technology in marketing, media, and education. For the past several years I’ve dedicated my time to working with communities to bring technology into the classroom. I co-founded Creative Tech Works™ in North Philadelphia, a STEM program whose mission was to produce socially conscious, diverse tech talent.